The HomeSecure Concept

The Home Secure concept is developed and designed for you to protect your own home. After purchasing the alarm system there are no extra expensive monthly fees to the security company. With a Home Secure Alarm system installed your family, friends and neighbours will get contacted through the built-in sms function in case of a burglary. In most cases, the powerful siren is enough to scare away the burglar



If a burglar intrudes in your house, either a magnetic door/window contact or a motion detector will register him and immediately send a wireless signal to the alarm panel triggering alarm.


When the alarm panel triggers alarm, it will set the siren(s) to sound at once. They sound at up to 110dB, an intolerable noise.


At the same time as the sirens start sounding, the alarm panel will send SMS to all the SMS numbers stored in the alarm panel and call all the Call Numbers stored so you can respond accordingly.