HomeSecure BASIC

Automatically contacts neighbors, friends, and family when the alarm is triggered

Save up to 10 phone numbers on the alarm panel. This could be neighbors, friends or family who will be able to quickly check out the situation if the alarm is triggered. If you are several alarm owners in the neighborhood, you can create your own network where you keep an eye on each other's homes and receive messages from each other's alarms.

When the alarm is triggered, the alarm panel will first send an SMS to each of the phone numbers saved on the alarm panel. The SMS contains time and date as well as information about which sensor has triggered the alarm. Then the alarm will call all phone numbers in the order they are stored.

The alarm panel can be remote controlled through both SMS and call.

Arm the alarm while you are sleeping

The HomeSecure BASIC alarm not only protects your house while you are out, but also protects you while you are at home. It is possible to disarm all motion detectors inside the house while all sensors on doors and windows are armed. Thus, you can arm the alarm system while you are at home and you don't need to worry about burglary while you are sleeping.

Connect as many sensors as you like

The HomeSecure BASIC alarm has 16 wireless zones and it is possible to connect up to 9 sensors in each zone. It is therefore possible to expand the alarm system as you like.

You can also connect 3 wired sensors. If they are connected in serial it is also possible to connect as many wired sensors as you wish.

User friendly

Anyone can operate the HomeSecure BASIC alarm. You can use remote control, keypad, SMS and App for iPhone and Android to operate the alarm panel.

Noise when the alarm system is triggered

When the alarm system is triggered, the wired siren will start sounding with 110dB. A thundering noice not only making it intolerable for the burglar to stay in the house but also attracting attention, the burglar's worst enemy.

It is also possible to connect wireless outdoor sirens with built in flash. This attracts extra attention when the alarm is triggered.