HomeSecure - HD IP CAM

Access the Camera From Anywhere at Any Time

You can access the camera through browser and App for iPhone and Android. In this way, you will always know what is going on at home. It is especially a good supplement to a HomeSecure alarm system since you can see what has happened, as soon as the alarm is triggered. You can remote control the camera to move left/right and up/down as well as zoom.

Alarm Function - Record Video and Take Snapshots When There is Movement

When the camera registers movement in the picture, you can set it to record a video clip which is saved on a micro SD or to an FTP server. At the same time, the camera will send a snapshot to up to 4 email addresses.

Connect Wirelessly to the Internet

No need for a long internet wire through the room. Just connect the IP Camera to the internet wirelessly and that is it.

User friendly

Easy to setup and easy to install. All settings are made on your computer in your browser. When that is done, the camera is up and running. No need for complicated programs.